How to check if a user is verified before signing in?

In my app, I have set an mobile verification screen.
So, when a user signs in/signs up he will be sent an OTP on his phone and he will be linked onto a Verification Screen wherein he needs to enter his OTP and if it’s correct he’ll be redirected to home screen.
The problem is this scenario, if the user logs in/signs up and is linked to Verification Screen and now he kiils the app and reopens the app, he’ll be redirected to the home screen and he can access the app. This is happening mainly because the user is already logged in when he signs in/ logs in.

So, just wondering how can I check if a user has already entered the OTP, so that only then I can sign him in ?

One hack I am thinking of is setting a True/False field. Whenever a user enters OTP this field will be set to True, and whenever he logs out it will be set to False. The only disadvantage is that the user won’t be able to login at multiple places then. So looking for a work around

Hey there @Nitish

I created a tutorial for this: How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube

You should put an action directly on the home screen like this :
**Sometimes : **
If user property verification is false

This should solve your problem.

I disagree @bioveneris

I would not recommend having the action on the home screen as it can sometimes take Adalo a few seconds to actually log in and may not always grab the true/false parameter right away and send the user to the wrong location.

Follow my tutorial video. I use a countdown timer with actions and conditions. It’s the safer route.

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@Flawless but currently I already have a Logic Screen as my home screen. Whenever a user opens the app, depending upon the logic, he’s shown the home screen.

Wouldn’t it work if I add one more condition to this case ?

If you’ve watched the video, you’ll see how I did it.

Let me repeat this with more emphasis.

“On screen actions”, especially for the “Home Screen” (the screen the visitor first visits when the user is logged in) do NOT always work.

If there is even a 1-second delay in loading the user’s information and the on-screen actions firing, the actions will fire with NULL values, which do not work with true/false validations.

Use countdown timers instead.

I have tested both methods thoroughly. The countdown timers are more likely to follow the correct logic than on-screen actions.

Got it @Flawless, I’ll try this method.

One more thing that came to my mind is using Lotti ?
Like having a 3 second Lotti animation (loop disabled), and once the animation is complete setting conditions to link it on desired screen.
What you feel of this method ?

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That’d be a wonderful idea. Much better on the eyes for your users.

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Yes, and also better on my pocket :crazy_face:

I’ll try this once and will update you here on this thread

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