Software costs involved in your Adalo app?

Just curious about the approximate total software costs expected in getting & keeping your Adalo App up and running per month? (Including all 3rd party services, minus what your paying for Adalo)

iOS, Android, PWA

Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

A question with too many “it depends” to answer appropriately.

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Thanks for your honest reply. I am sure the sky is the limit with some apps.

Key words here are, “approximate” & “Your Adalo app(s)”

Or, Perhaps, just what you have seen.

My Google search says, a good rule of thumb for maintenance cost is 20% of your build cost. :thinking:

For me:

  • Apple Developer Programme: USD 99 per year
  • Google Play “Developer Programme”: USD 25 per year
  • Adalo Pro plan: USD 50 per month
  • Sendgrid: Free (for now, but as email volume increases, I will have to move to a paid plan)

Currently, I only manage my database inside Adalo, but if I ever move to an external one, I would also have to consider those costs.

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Not bad. Makes sense.

Hey @charleshope,

Just to clarify, the Google Developer subscription is a $25 ONE time fee.


Costs? Mentally…way too much.

lol. naw. Tbh, everyone’s apps are different in their own way. Some users will use free services for cost savings, some will use paid plans for quality / speed purposes.


Good to know. Thanks.