Turning over an app to a client?

Do you guys typically charge your clients any fees for hosting the applications you build for them in Adalo? I’m working on a proposal for my first app I’ll be doing in Adalo. In the past I did apps in PowerApps and their hosting is covered by their Office365 licensing so I never got involved in it. Since I pay Adalo, it seems to make sense to charge hosting fees to help cover this cost.

If they just don’t want to pay any hosting at all, is there a way for me to save off the Adalo project into a file like I can with PowerApps and send it to them, then it is up to them to create an Adalo account and deploy it there?

Let me know how you guys handle this type of stuff. Much appreciated! Thanks!

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Make your app cloneable to that client.

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Hi Darren,

We’re glad you are using Adalo to make your proposal app.

As for me, I would just host the app yourself and fix bugs and all that kind of stuff.

Also when paying for the pro plan it’s $50, but since your maintaining the app I would add extra money to that monthly plan that you charge your client.

I would also keep in mind that if you want to publish the proposal app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store you need to pay $100/year for a developer account and a ONE time fee of $25 for a Google Play Store developer account

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