Some of the data does not show in collections after importing from Airtable

When ever I import external data from Airtable in Adalo it just skips taking some data. I have to then create a duplicate table in Airtable and again import them as external collection in Adalo. I have to do this a couple of times.

I have 15 columns in Airtable and when i use them as external collection collection in Adalo it only shows 12 or 13 columns.

And this happens all the time.

This is really annoying.

I would start to check from the 1rst missing column CONTENT what data is stored inside that one that might be in conflict with the import process - making this one skip the column and resume to the next one…maybe even the TITLE text would not fill the “import rules” requirements…
CPU do not select which column they “like” or “dislike”, unless some caracter/type/lenght or format is “breaking” some rule…
if only the 3 last columns are missing, run a test with another table with dummy data and 14 columns, see if the import limit could be Max=12/13 columns. (Despite what the Doc says)
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When this happens you will want to ensure that within your first 3 rows each field has at least 1 of those rows with a value. This should allow for all the fields to appear in Adalo.

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I have content in each column and row but it still does not show any content from column 6

My previous table had 15 columns and all the content were imported. I have content in all the columns.

@meetmenon Can you post the JSON that is coming back when testing the airtable connection? What is the field type of the missing column in Airtable?

When you say :“my previous table”…do you mean :
1/ you do not run the import tests with the exact same table and same content on the other trials ?
2 / …you did use the exact same table with same values ?

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I have 7 tables in the base and each table has 40 cels. The content and Image are placed in alternate order like Content 1, Image 1, Content 2, Image 2…

After i import them as external collection in Adalo it does not show Content 6, Content 11, Image 14, Image 15 in the Collection.

All the values are different in each table.

I am not able to paste the JSON as it is exceeding the limit of the message.

hmm…you also have images in the DB !
It might be that the DB is just very heavy on the memory to process…dropping stuff.
With heavy tables/DB, I would not try to export the content at once then… :face_vomiting:

If you know how to write a script to “cut” the volume into smaller size transfers,
Maybe by only processing from 10 to 50 lines at once - using this script - than checking if the Targeted tables DOES receive the Data correctly - that is All columns with their content - than adding 10-50 "following lines, again - on the next transfer will reveal your Resources limits Internet/ram/server…
If this solves “the problem of disappearing columns” than your source DB size might be part of the problem. if not, then I m probably not qualified (if i ever was :upside_down_face:) …to point you where that Ghost is hiding itself ! :ghost:

Adding ; Oh, and I would try to not include images in a DB - makes it much much heavier


Is it advisable to import PDF file instead. The issue with PDF is that on android phones it opens as download option while on IOS it opens in the app.

I would say, if you want the DB to run fast, just use “Text” and “numbers” true/false and alike.
Files like Images, Audio, videos are much larger files (just look at the size of your PDFs ) and they are not your DB best friends…
You could instead store “only the Link to your PDF” (or Images) in the DB and copy the file in some folder… on some server.
follow this Topic, for this … or look for more in the Forum


@meetmenon I sent you a DM. I am assuming these fields are text and image fields with only one value per cell?

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