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Hi everyone, does anyone have experience with connecting Adalo database with Amazon S3, such as saving records created in Adalo on AS3? I was thinking of doing that to prevent slowing Adalo down due to a large number of databases and records as well as better pricing options. Thanks for the advice!

I have not connected to their api, but I do store most of my images on S3. I then put the url of each image into the adalo database and use magic text to display images from S3 url.

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@Idyer Interesting, do they offer an interesting/cheap Plan (just needed) for storing images ? $$

*is it confirmed that whenever a user browse some images through the Adalo APP, Adalo will not “count” the image loading size as part of the Adalo Traffic/volume each month ?
*Just checking how it all works… :thinking:

  • There is not a free S3 account, but I think it is pretty affordable.
  • Unclear on if Adalo is counting it as bandwidth.

@tommen, I m looking for a similar use - not on AWS maybe on some Linode server…it all depend how doable and easy to set/maintain (Prices seems Okay)

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I beleive it could make a difference not having Images dowloaded on the same server/account than the one you’d be using to run DB queries…for RAM and CPU resources. Or use 2 dif accounts with their own resources so downoads/uploads do not interfeer with fast queries… :eyes:
only guessing

I will try to find out more and let you know if I know something new :slight_smile:

Is it easy to load from your app? :slight_smile:

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That’s interesting. However, I think that in comparison with Adalo’s storage it will be very similar (nothing against Adalo but assuming it’s app building SW rather than storage facility). Therefore I see using external storage provider as advantage mainly because app won’t be affected by large number of records (and decreasing its speed) as well as better pricing options. Nevertheless, it is only my opinion so feel free to share your thoughts :smiley: :slight_smile:

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@Tommen just to clarify something here: S3 is not a database. It’s object storage (more like a file system). You can as some people have commented store your images and files there to save on your storage quota with Adalo but if you’re goal is using it as external collection to swap out using an Adalo collection it’s not that. You’d want something like AirTable for that usage. I would need to understand more what the specific issue is that you’re trying to solve in order to offer advice.

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Hi grid7, thanks for the clarification. I think I see the full difference now. I believe the best solution will be to store files (images only) outside and source the link (as someone previously mentioned a good way how to do so) to that image and keep database separate (text only) either on Adalo or Airtable. My main concern was a database with a large number of records (mainly text + some images) and the prevention of slowing the app down.

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