Sorting a list based on Airtable

Hi there!

Is there an easy way to sort a list that is based on data from Airtable?


I was able to solve this by using a specific view in Airtable and adding one more Query Parameter.

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Alternatively, have you tried this: Sorting Airtable Lists

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:slight_smile: I haven’t seen that. Thx for sharing!

Is there a way to sort with multiple fields… would I type sort[1][field] for the second one for example?

Is there also a quick way to limit the number of records in an Airtable list?

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Looking for an answer to this as well - how to sort based on multiple factors one after the other, like we can do in Airtable

@Gino , in your case did using this “view” parameter also sort the list in Adalo the same way it’s sorted inside that Airtable view?