Sorting External API data

Hello! This is my first post. I’ve been using Adalo for almost a month now and really enjoying the experience.

So I’ve started using data from Airtable using the external API capability. The links are all working etc…

The problem is, I want to sort the data when it being pulled into my particular app screen in the list, but it’s just not allowing me any option to do this where you can normally sort by A-Z or 1-10 etc. The external data I’m taking is specifically designed to be in an order. Is there any way I can sort external data?

Hey @aus11

Check this documentation, it’ll help you understand how sorting & filtering works for Airtable collections.


Thank you so much!!! It worked! But now I’m onto another little glitch.

So it’s related to a similar situation with filters from Airtable. I’ve looked at the Hawaii example and formulas given there but nothing seems to be working.

I’ve managed to sort my list based on your help. But now, when I click on a specific item from this list, I want it show up on the next screen only. So I’m on the next screen but can’t seem to get the formula right… I want it to be the equivalent of saying “Name contains the name from the selected name on the previous screen”. THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Did you check on next the screen, what’s the available data for the screen?

Are the “Name” and “Primary Core elements” always the same (same naming convention) but from different collections from what I see?