Sos: follow/unfollow feature problem

Hi! I’ve set up my follow/unfollow buttons according to this tutorial link however whenever follow someone, the buttons don’t switch from follow to unfollow, also the current users followers and the logged in users following don’t update and there are no changes in the database. please let me know if u have a solution:)ezgif-7-c701afbbbb5e

(@Victor @Colin @pfordmedia if u guys have any solution please let me know )

This is a multi step system to get right.

First you need to have two buttons (follow, unfollow) and you need to have data on the screen for the logged in user and the user to be followed, and each user needs to have a list of followers and following.

make the two buttons into a group.

then you need to make clicking the button update the following list of the logged in user and the followers list of the user being followed.

Next you need to change the visibility of the buttons to reflect whether the person is following or not.

I can attest that this system works and there is not a bug in Adalo to prevent it from working as described, you simply have to get all the logic to work.

I believe that you can copy the follow feature from their templates as well.


@Rodeo thank you sooooooo much!!!

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