Speech to text api

Hey guys, I am new here. I am trying to make a simple app that use speech to text and then does some actions according to the text that received via the mic. I understand that the way to do it is to connect to an api. I tried to connect to google one but its quite complicated. I wonder if there is some guide or something to do it? Any help will be apricated. Thank’s alot!

Hi @123elad,
You can use External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources, which allow to use any API. Google’s Speech to text API looks very straight forward https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text.

Do you build native or web application? I’m curious how you receive audio from mic?
I’m asking because I’m developing audio record component that allow record audio from mic. Currently web version is ready and I’m working android and iOS version. For now I’m looking who is interested in such component, so I can share it with you and play with it in your project.

Hey @gskachkov , thank’s for your replay. I am just planning on using the phone mic. As for google api, I dont quite understand where to get the link to the api as shown in the tutorial you posted. Let me know if you willing to help me out. Thank’s alot!

Good, I’ll prepare cloneable example, so you can see how it work. But it will take sometime, because I’m working on anther task.

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Anyone else have some tips for me?

Hi @123elad,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Just adding some information :

Not sure about Speech to text but Steven ( @TKOTC ) made a video about text to speech using Google! : Adalo Quick Tip: Text-to-Speech using Google - YouTube I think you can do the same with Google like @gskachkov said!

And also there’s a component made by Pragmaflow for Recording audio and playing it in the app! : Microphone Recorder Component

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera thank’s for your replay. I have seen this video before and unfortunately the component you mentioned is on web only and I use an app. @TKOTC if you are willing to answer a few question please pm me. Thank’s alot!

Hi @123elad,
There is a demo app for Google Speech To Text case,

Currently, it works only on the Web with Chrome (It is more related to the limitation of the Custom Action and Speech To Text API. I have an idea of how to add support to other browsers, but it should be implemented outside of the Adalo, and I’ll do this after finishing the component on Android and iOS).
I’m finishing the Android version and hope to finish the iOS version by mid-next week. Let me know if you are interested in such a component.

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Hey @gskachkov , how can I test this on my app?

Have you developed your app for Android or iOS?

@gskachkov Android

I’ll send a link to component as soon as ready for Android, so you can test in your env.

@123elad I make it works on Android as well. You can install Audio Recorder from my component store. 7 days trail period to check if it solver problem. https://itsmi.store/components

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