SPLIT_BUNDLE 124: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section error

hi all,

i add to comments feature but i have a error to play store,
“SPLIT_BUNDLE 124: Policy Declaration - Data Safety Section”,
i shared before and i have not error,
i am using old version now but I don’t know how to solve


Hey, anything to do with App safety is usually because you need to declare data that you are collecting. Make sure you fill in all the sections under Google Play Console > **Appname > App Content > Data Safety. Make sure provide login details/credentials for the Google Reviewers.

For example: if you collect Email, Name, DOB, you need to list these. In recent Apps Google Play detected that Device Type and IDs are also collected/processed by Adalo Apps. I typically declare these are for Developer / Analytics.

Make sure all of the above is in order and you have a privacy policy in place (must be a live link).

You can also, reach out to Google Play reviewers for more information.

You will find more information here: Provide information for Google Play's Data safety section - Play Console Help

Good luck !

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hi again,

an application that is live, if i add comment feature, i have error.
I wonder why

Same here…

did you find a solution @breadflix.es

Yes same problem, is something with ID i suppose

I have sent a new version to be validated by Google and I’ve marked in the policies that I collect IDs, MACs, devices, etc and they have validated it for me.

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this problem is solved by ur suggest, thank u so much

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