Play Console Data Safety form rejection

Hiya guys, does anyone by chance know what this means? My app was approved last week with a successful update now the next update was rejected by Google :frowning: Not sure if it’s the reviewer or I changed something in the app. Any ideas?



Hey, yes had this a few times. Check the box for Device IDs

This is in the Data Safety Section. Under Policy > App Content > Data Dafety > Device or Other IDs

Select for App functionality and developer analytics.

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@iAppsNi You are a King among men, really appreciate your help here, would’ve never had figured this out.

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Haha I most certainly am not but glad you got sorted. :fire: Good luck with the App! Iv noticed Google Play Reviews are so much slower these days… not so long ago most of my apps were accepted within a couple of hours … just pushed updates last night and taking well over 24 hours in some cases 3-4 days. For updates it’s crazy slow - it used to be Apple that were slow up to two weeks now they are much quicker. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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