Star rating feature vs 3rd Party Auth - How are feature requests prioritized?

Hey Adalo crew! First off as always kudos to the work that you’re doing.

Could you share some info on how features get prioritized for implementation? For example, 3rd Party Auth is by far the most requested feature since November with 200+ votes.

Yet we prioritized and are building out a Star Rating Feature that was just added in February and with only ~30 something votes.

Just looking for some clarity, I’m sure there’s a method to the madness. I’m sure others are intrigued and interested in learning how things get prioritized.

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Hey @jca! Thanks for asking.

Number of votes on is definitely a major factor in terms of prioritizing, but not the only one. We also look at how much time a project would take to develop and factor that in as well. Then sometimes, there are other strategic reasons a project gets prioritized.

In the case of the star rating component, we actually developed this as a proof of concept for the developer experience for the upcoming Component Marketplace. We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for developers to create components for our marketplace, so we first went though the process ourselves by developing a star rating component to get a good understanding of where all the pain points were. We addressed most of those and just recently opened up our Component Developer Early Access Program to 3rd party developers. They’re hard as work building components now and also offering us lots of great feedback so we can further improve the component development process before we open that up more widely.

Circling back to the star rating component specifically, that will be available as a free component in the marketplace as soon as the marketplace launches.

Lastly, in terms of 3rd party auth, we definitely hear the Adalo community that this is a top priority, and we’re certainly treating it that way as well. Aspects of both the Custom Actions project and the Component Marketplace project are going to help with 3rd party auth, so as we finish those two projects up, we’ll be shifting more of our attention to 3rd party auth specifically.

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Thanks @Ben - how can we apply for the component developer early access?

Thanks @Ben, this was very detailed and helps understand the overall process. I think others will benefit from reading this as well as there are always comments made in the Feature Requests site.

Also interested.

Have here been any updates on 3rd party auth? These are from back in June

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It is in QA now, last step before release.