About Feature Requests

Sharing your product feedback and ideas

At Adalo we highly value and encourage the feedback and ideas that come from our makers.

We look at feedback across many different mediums throughout the product cycle and it has truly helped make Adalo a better product. With that said, we want to make sure we set some expectations for how feedback and ideas are best handled.

Our forum is primarily a place for our community to support each other throughout the process of building apps. If you have a feature request, you can post that idea here: Feature Requests | Adalo

If you have a component request, post that here: Component Requests | Adalo

If you have a tutorial request, post that here: Tutorial Requests | Adalo

Voting on ideas

Within the dashboard you will have the ability to vote on your favorite ideas/features by clicking the upvote button. This helps us to accurately analyze and prioritize the ideas shared by our community.

Will your idea be implemented?

Maybe! We will do our best to prioritize what is important across our entire community. This means that while we may not implement the exact feature or idea you shared, we will do our best in addressing the pain points and problems our community is trying to solve.

Visit our public roadmap to see what is planned, in progress, and completed: https://ideas.adalo.com/

If you have any questions about the above feel free to send a PM to @jessehaywood