Start your day with your money, a rockstar, and last nights list ☀️

:sunny::sunny: Mornin’ Adaloans (Adalo-ites? Adalans? Adaloers? Idk.) :sunny::sunny:

You might be wondering: How did I jump out of bed feeling energetic and cheery today?

Allow me to explain. I always start my day with

:city_sunrise: Cracking open a RockStar Punched to caffeinate. It helps me concentrate with my ADHD lol.

:city_sunrise: Checking my sales stats, ad revenue, analytics, and my client support tickets. I keep my eyes on my money, traffic, and network.

:city_sunrise: Double checking the to-do list that I wrote last night. I write my to-do lists for the next day on the night before. This is the best way to prioritize your to-do list, way better than writing the to-do list first thing in the morning. Simply comb over your to-do list and make any priority changes if necessary.

All of the above are guaranteed ways you can become one of those really annoyingly happy morning people that everyone loves (or loves to hate :sweat_smile:). Either way, #winwin for you.

How do you start your day?