Lost Motivation? Here is my tips!

I have never seen anyone add this to this forum, so I would like to bring it out!

There is a time where we all get excited to start working on the app and get this GOING, but after time and after some difficulty, you lose Motivation I know how to feels you don’t want to open the project again, you’re already pissed either you want to quit or even make another project, so here are my tips on how to keep the motivation going!


  • Make sure to just go to the editor, DO IT and ask yourself what bugs me.

  • Find a correct timing where you bring at least 3 main goals, make sure it awarding that will make your brain get motivated.

  • You can’t finish something? You can ask the forum if none did help work on something else on your project get experience and fix it, this worked for me as I did ask many people to help me with chat problems as it’s complex I just kept it there trained my skills came back and fixed it!

  • Try something new will also result in a happy mood!


  • I would recommend taking 30 mins and use Trello to organize your plans, make sure to add in the Trello board your plans, Progress, Goal.

  • Look at the other people’s work but in a way not to get jealous or even feel bad, in a way to give you ideas, nothing is original, to make something original you have to take small stuff from this and that! I usually spend time looking at Interphase as I am an interphase designer and admire people’s work!

  • NEVER send any incomplete work if you don’t want any losing motivation, people tend to help each other but when people say their own full opinion that your app isn’t great you tend to lose motivation! (Except if you promise yourself you won’t take recommendations to lose motivations, just to learn from it)

In the end, we’re all humans we all lose motivation, if you lost any of your motivation either DM me I will help as much as I can if you have any questions regards this PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

As always good lucks and remember small ideas can be big!

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Good points.

Great speech too.

If wannabe makers like us really feel this is an important thing to do, we will persist.

Adalo is really great learning tool, and no mysteries, it is just unknown to us but still manageable. It will be wasted not to use this opportunity.

Outside of this is still scary, we are glad that Adalo provide us shelter.

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I’m with you on that!