Starting with dropdown menu

Hello, I am super new to Adalo and trying to use a dropdown menu and have a list under it that display results from what have been selected in the dropdown menu… must be quite easy for you but not for a newbie like me :wink:
Thank’s for the help

What issue are you having or needing help with? Please include screenshots if you can. There is alot of good help in these forums.

Hi @glgdev,
Welcome to Adalo.

In order to do this:

  1. In the list use “Filter”

  2. Custom filter and then choose the field of the list you want to compare with the dropdown

  3. Finally go to the condition and choose form inputs and then the dropdown you want and the value you want to compare




thank’s, I think I got my answer from JL_LJ.

Great thank’s for the help, I will try that right now :wink:
take care

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