Conditional Button Link with Dropdown Menu

I’m new to Adalo but stuck on trying to figure out how to use selected input from a drop down menu and linking that conditionally to different pages based upon the input. The button successfully updates data in the user database (function not shown in screenshots) so the button is doing something. I’m modifying the classes template and I’ve attached pictures to showcase what I currently have setup. I’ve searched through the forums to see if someone else had any issues with this but could not find any respective topics that helped.

Hi @nokeeg,

As I remember in Actions it’s not possible to compare the Dropdown selections with anything typed into the field (I assume on the bottom field you’ve typed Junior Lawyer and Senior Lawyer manually).

As a workaround - you can create 2 buttons leading to different screens, and make them conditionally visible. And for the 1st button you’ll use smth like Select → Lawyer Type is equal to Junior Lawyer, and for the 2nd - Select → Lawyer Type is equal to Senior Lawyer.

This should work - just checked.

Best regards, Victor.

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