STILL need help figuring out how to clear search results

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t figure out how to delete search results on my web app. I created a search bar, and a simple list to provide anwsers/results. The problems is, is that the search results don’t automatically delete. The next user who signs in will see it. I’ve tried changing the input to empty, and tried creating an action to delete the results but nothing is working.

Shouldn’t Adalo automatically cache out/ delete search results once a simple list is setup??? Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I can’t find any info about deleting search results on Youtube and the info on here is not helping me.

Somebody from Adalo please advise. I’m sure it’s a simple fix but changing the input to empty is not working for me… help!

Let me start by asking a question, how many users are logging into the same device?

Regardless, I recommend using a custom list instead of a simple list. With a custom list, you can use a regular input field to filter the simple list. A regular input field can be cleared with a change input value.

To clear the input whenever someone new logs in, set an action on the login button (even though it’s not on the same screen) to “Change input value” to empty (by leaving the value field blank). This way, when a user logs in and lands on the home screen, the input will be cleared out. Also ensure that there is not a default value prefilling the search input field when the user loads the screen.

To set this up, you can follow these steps:

  1. Replace your simple list with a custom list.
  2. Add a regular input field to the screen.
  3. Add a custom filter to your custom list where Parameter > contains > search input.
  4. Set an action on the login button to “Change input value” to empty.

This should solve the issue of the input field not clearing out automatically

Thanks so much for your insight!

I’m sad to say that I changed my simple list to a custom list, and followed the directions you provided but my old search results are still there and don’t reset.

I’m trying to make a web app for multiple users to login, and use the search bar in order to get answers to different questions. I even tried to set up conditional controls and have it so when different users login, they can see their old search results, but it doesn’t fully reset and still shows ALL the search results.

Should I just add a delete search bar button? Can you please advise… I know this should be a simple fix but it’s been a challenge because I tried everything and nothing seems to reset the search results. I just want users to login, use the search bar, and get their answers/search results without seeing all the old answers from previous questions.