How do you clear search results from simple list?

Hey guys,

Can someone please help me figure out how to clear search results from a simple list. I created an app that entails a simple search bar, and then it provides search results on the bottom but I don’t know how to clear it out so when a new user besides myself logs in, the information and search results are reset. Every time I log in and out of my app the same search results are still there and I want it cleared.

I’m sure its a simple fix… but I can’t seem to figure it out. I searched YouTube and the Adalo forums but nothing is working. I tried changing the input action too, and still nothing.

Please help!

You can set ut an action to change the input value.
Add action → More… (it’s at the bottom) → Change Input Value
Select the desired input, and set value to empty. The action can be set from where ever you see fit

thanks for the reply, but I tried this already and it didn’t work.

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