Stripe + Adalo + FR Market

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I got an error when I’m trying to pay with Stripe Payment. Does Stripe in Adalo support french debit/credit cards?
If not, how can I manage to make this work?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello. Same here.

Stripe payments are working with my stripe account and i can pay with my cards in the app without problems.
But when i plug another stripe account the payment call return an 500 error from the stripe adalo server (
I have no clue of what is not working from one account to another. How could i debug this ?

Many thanks.

We saw that the apps where the error occurs have a 403 error when page finished loading.
This error come from the same payment server :
Is the null value normal at the end of the request?

Same needs here for French/Europeen Territories customers.
Being part of an Oversea French Territory, I can NOT open a Strip Account.
Though we use/have all major Credit cards locally and can process IBAN money transfer at “Zero” fees, which is a very interesting payment method.

  • Can one integrate/build a Wire Transfer or some Bank Deposit Form to a local accounts from the Adalo builder ?

  • Can instant transfers form be created in the Builder so as to Deposit small values by Credit card or IBAN to Digital Neo Banks, Revolut, etc ?
    (Got to check which one offers a Biz account such as Holvi does)

Thank you for your worldwide help to small FR markets out of the major EUROPEAN ELEPHANT !