Stripe integration

Hi Adalo community,

We are creating our first app in Adalo. As we are based in the Netherlands, we would like to use stripe in combination with iDeal. It is a common online payment method in the Netherlands. Could someone please inform us fi it is possible to active iDeal payment through an Adalo app via the Stripe integration? Many thanks!

Hi Jasper,

Unfortunately, there is no way currently to accept iDeal payments within the Stripe integrations.

You would have to set this up manually via custom actions and the relevant API calls.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for you feedback.

Could you please specify then which service we can use to make that integration happen? Would that for example work with Or the relevant stripe api integrations?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Br, Jasper

Sorry Jasper I cannot recommend any specific API without having to dive into their API docs thoroughly.

You could perhaps request an Adalo Expert to look in to this on your behalf? There are quite some located here in NL. (I am too).

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