Stripe connect and multiple payment


I build a marketplace with several suppliers
I tested the Stripe payment supplier by supplier using the food truck example.

Now if I have a single basket of product from several suppliers

The Stripe component can dispatch payment to the right suppliers if I fill in the Stripe id value ???

product 1 2 € Supplier A
product 2 5 € Supplier b
product 3 2 € Supplier A

payment 9 €
Dispatche € 4 supplier A
Dispatche 5 € Supplier B

Thanks in advance

You could have different payments going to different suppliers using the marketplace features outlined here:

But there’s not currently a way to have one payment be split to multiple suppliers.

I was reading the docs and I noticed there is a Custom Actions feature in Adalo that isn’t available to free users. According to the docs you should be able to connect with any external API. I wonder if it would be possible to manually set up a Stripe integration with custom actions that would do this? (Allow a buyer to purchase items from multiple sellers at the same time)

Although I have not tested it myself, I am confident this would be possible. The only problem that may be encountered is that we currently have issues supporting arrays of the information returned and we will record only the first item in an array. This is soon to be fixed though.

Hi Ben, i am having a similar issue right now.

I’m looking for a way to create Split Checkout in my Multi-Vendor Marketplace but having trouble creating a checkout that divides the cart into categories of sellers, then an option to bulk purchase from one particular vendor. Or have them pay altogether and the payments succesfully reaching the intended vendors.

The link you sent is no longer valid - could you please help?

Many thanks,