Stripe payments - one payment to multiple Merchants?


Is it currently possible for a single payment to be sent to multiple sellers?

I’m thinking about developing the ability to allow the users to create ‘add to cart’, due to the nature of the app however we require to split the payment accordingly to each seller.


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This is a pretty interesting use case. @damianoredemagni is very good with this Stripe stuff. I’m tagging him so he can take a look.


if i understand this correctly:

you wouldn’t ‘split’ the payment

rather process payment for each item and showcase the ‘grand total’ amount


In my cart

2 oranges sold by Billy for $1
1 mango sold by Jane for $2
5 bananas sold by Robert for $3

Grand Total: $6

My card gets charged $6

Each seller receives individual amount

Is this it?

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Or are you talking about an actual bill split?


Dinner costs $20

Amanda owes $10
Johnny owes $7
Fred owes $3

You could work around it with Stripe but the payment wouldn’t flow directly to sellers, it would be a payout vs sellers getting paid directly and you (potentially) collect a fee.


This is the use case i’m trying to accomplish, essentially allowing users to add multiple items to their cart and pay different sellers with a single payment as outlined above

Thank you!

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