Stripe connect funcsions

I am not sure if you can help me. I am creating an app with the chat and I would like to set a function so that it would be possible for logged in user to delete the chat but that the other user still is able to see that chat. Is it possible to do so? And if yes then could you advise me how?

Hi @betijakaire,

You have asked the same question on past and Yongki has replied you! : Delete the chat only for logged in user - #2 by Yongki

Another option would be using a Many to Many relationship that adds Logged in user there when the user clicks the delete button and filter the conversations list that Current Conversation > Removed Users ( many to many rel ) > Does Not Contain > Logged in user.

Thank you

P.S. - Your topic’s heading tells a one question and your content inside the topic tells another question. Maybe changing it to a one question will be great and then the community can understand your issue well and help you!

Thanks for your answer.
I apologize for my mistake. Actually I have received the answer to my previous enquiry and I am really greatful for that. However I wanted to ask the question about Stripe connect possibilities, because I would like to have the possibility to pre-fill some sign up information for users. Do you know how could I do that? As I understood from Adalo support team, then I can’t do it with normal Stripe connect component, but I am just wondering maybe someone knows if there is any other way to do that.

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