Subdomains in desktop app

Hi folks.
Trying to create a subdomain with a desktop app, but it’s saying “This URL is already in use by another app.” no matter what subdomain name I type in. I’ve connected the app to my domain without the .adalo part as i’m a subscriber… if I choose another app that has the .adalo in the url, it works. What am I missing or doing wrong? thank you!

Do I have to do something on my hosting side maybe? I have Godaddy.

Hi @Andyk,

Can you share some screenshots when you type the subdomain?

Best regards, Victor.


Hi @Andyk,

In the “Publish” section on the left side of the screen, you have the list of the domains you’ve created; and there you attache them to the existing apps.
So probably all the domains you’ve previously created are in use :slight_smile:

I would advice first to add the new domain/subdomain (top right, profile → Settings → Domains → Add custom domain). And then you select this new domain to be attached to the webapp you have.


so, the is in use as an app. I just want to add subdomains to it now as a desktop app since the functionality to add subdomains to apps is not available… like "
Am i not allowed to do that here?

Hi @Andyk ,

I’m not sure what you would like to achieve here. “” is not a subdomain, it is the URL address (domain + page). You can’t set up the URL like that for an app.

What you could do, is to create another subdomain (for example,, set it CNAME record for it at your hosting provider, and then connect this subdomain to your new app.

Best regards, Victor.

ahhh makes sense. Thank you for this explanation. Can I setup a page then within the desktop version?

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