Adalo domain of desktop app links to phone app preview into browser


I don’t now how is it possible but the domain of my desktop app links to a view of my phone app that shares the same db. It doesn’t lead to PWA app but a view of my phone app into the browser. I tried to changed the name of domain but it doesn’t change anything.

Does anyone know how to proceed ?

Thanks a lot

If the Desktop app has a different domain that the PWA, and yet this problem, please check your DNS records for any forwarding process

I don’t have a PWA, it is set to domain “none”.

I don’t use my custom domain for instance for the desktop app. Where can I check the DNS ?

So if you don’t have a domain, no need to dns check. Can you please elaborate?

I have two apps sharing the same database one for mobile the other for desktop.

When I click on publish on the left panel of the desktopp app, what I see is a preview of the mobile app in large in the browser.

just change the domain name of your adalo extension

I’ve just figured out that it depends on what I paste in the url. If I use http:// before the url it leads to the native app and if I don’t use it it links to the web app.
Really weird

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