Subscription based audiobook, how to get the paywall back after period?

Hi guys! Me and my friend are two medical students and we have been creating really high quality preclinical audiobooks based on our own texts. And we are now wanting to share them with others. I’ve done a fairly good app on adalo, and trying to setting up the payment system over stripe. I have connected stripe with adalo, made a several different paymen tplans with different subscribtion renewal periods, 1 month, 1 year, and only one payment. I have also made "successfull payment " change users “True/false” → true, which make them go through the paywall.
The question now is how do i set up in adalo when the users subscribtion period is over, and the user don’t have money on their account, or if they end the subscription, turn this back from true → false and with that get a new paywall?
I have tired to search for the answer for a couple of days now. Would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to do this.

Best wishes,

Ps. Or do you think it is better to make three singel pay alternetives? That they have to order and buy for a new month after the period is done, and use it as an consumtion service? I read somewhere in the forums here that its hard to use subs because it’s not is accepted by apple or android stores?

With that said i still need help to bring back the paywall after the period time is over.

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