Creating a Paywall for a fitness app

Hi everyone,

Looking to create a fitness app for a fitness professional.

Few questions - any and all help is much appreciated:

We are selling two 4-week programs.

I want to be able to have a paywall where people can access the program after they purchase it.

  • How do I set that up so after they pay, the account recognizes that they paid and they have access to it and they aren’t being met with a paywall again?

  • Let’s say they buy 2 programs, is there like a Library functionality where they can go and access them both separately? Do I need that?

  • I want to create something like the screenshots attached. You think that’s possible?


  • I hear horror stories about apps breaking - is there any reason why there would be glitches or bugs?

Thank you

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Just to let you know that I don’t think you’ll be able to use Adalo for this as Google and Apple policy don’t allow non-physical items to be bought in an app without using Google Pay and Apple Pay respectively- and Adalo as yet doesn’t support those payment taking methods.

Oh and BTW- they’ll also be taking 30% commission so you’ll need to work that into your business model. :money_mouth_face:


Ok - besides the mobile app. The web app - is that a possibility?

Webapp and you can do all that you want no problem.

You need one “collection” where all your users are listed and as part of that table a list of programmes they’ve paid for.

When someone pays you just add the name of the programme to their list of programs paid for.

When someone tries to access a programme, the system checks to see if it’s on the list and if so lets them see it.

Regarding the layout you show- all that is easy enough to do in Adalo too.

Thanks for responding!

You said “When someone pays you just add the name of the programme to their list of programs paid for.”

Do I have to do this manually?? Or this can be setup as an automation?

Your app can be built so it does it automatically. But first you have to build your app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you be able to help me do that?


If he can’t I can help build. We charge $40 an hour. You can email me if you want!

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Just emailed you!


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Replied. Let me know if you didnt get it!!

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