Subscription buttons not showing up

I have set up subscriptions buttons (at least I hope so, Apple is being a pain in the !!!@@#$) either way now when I preview the app I don’t see them there.

This is in the building portion
Screenshot 10-13-2021 20.10.38

This is in the preview portion
Screenshot 10-13-2021 20.10.28

Is this the Stripe subscription component? If so, I don’t think it works within a list. It’s usually better to create a list of Products instead and then link to a Product overview page with a single Subscribe button on it.

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This is for apple. I am having a HUGE amount of issues getting my app passed by app and trying everything but it keeps getting rejected

Also this is not a list, it is just a bunch of text and buttons. I’m not sure of any other way to make this work and be compliant with Apple

If you’re submitting to Apple and do not also have Apple In-app payments alonside Stripe subcription component (in Beta currently for Adalo) then Apple will reject your app.

I’ve tried that too, apple has rejected my app 15 times.

Are you a part of the Apple IAP Beta?

This is what they keep saying and not giving

Yes the first issue is that you do not offer Apple’s IAP Purchase as an option for the user to purchase with - you’re only using Stripe. But this IAP capability is currently an Adalo Beta feature that will be released soon.

The second issue is that you do not have your Terms, Taxes, and Banking setup in your Agreenments, Tax, and Banking section of App Store Connect.

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