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I saw on the forum that there were a lot of applications blocked by apple because of the subscription on Stripe.
Apparently, you would have to go through the Apple tool, except that on Adalo, the in-app subscription function does not exist.

Have you managed to use the Stripe subscription on an Apple application?

My subscription on Stripe would allow me to unlock services in real life.

Thank you in advance for your return.

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Not sure what the status is with Adalo & the subscription.
I believe I remember reading that this feature was in trial and available upon request.
So, it may be worth emailing Adalo directly & asking for access - or to get the status of this feature.

What I don’t understand is that Adalo allows subscriptions on Stripe but Apple does not approve apps with Stripe subscriptions.

So what is Stripe for if the apps are rejected?

Apparently Apple only allows payments through their in-app system.

Stripe can be used for a subscription of physical products. Imagine a gift hamper they get every month in the post.

If for in-app content, you have to use in-app subscriptions, which Apple takes a cut from. Although this feature is not currently released on Adalo, it IS available in Beta. This means that if you are confident with setting things up and navigating documentation, you could ask for permission to enter the Beta (maybe submit a support ticket), and set it up.

I have worked on approved live apps on Apple with both methods.

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I thank you for your feedback !

My subscription will unlock content to access promotions in physical stores.

I don’t know if it can be integrated as physical product or in-app subscriptions.

Do you have an idea?

I can’t be 100% sure, but i think Apple might force you to use in-app subscriptions in this case.

thank you for your review! So it’s a shame that Adalo hasn’t developed this feature yet!

So I just opened a support ticket to be part of the beta.

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try to get Apple to believe that you are selling a membership card that you are actually shipping, that should work…


ok i will think about it. thanks for your return

people have already managed to configure the beta of digital pruchase for subscriptions in their application and who have managed to be approved by the stores?

@theo1 I’ve done and it’s approved on store.

Great !

For what service do you use this component?

Did you encounter any configuration issues?

Is it reliable for subscribers? no bug?

How much does Apple charge you? 30 % ?

Many questions but I still hesitate in Stripe or this component.

Thank you in advance for your return.