Swipe Gestures for screen navigation

Hello Adalo Tribe!!

I was wondering if there was a way to disable the swipe gesture so that screens don’t change by swiping.

Can it be disabled?
Thanks in advance

Hi, what do you mean by swiping gesture?
if it’s the transition between your screens, you can change it on the link action itself (under transition) select none, or just play with them to find the one that suits you

Hi, thanks for the resaponse but what i mean is when a user physically uses their finger swipe to a new screen.

Currently - i am able to use my finger as well as the selected transition to move back to the previous page and wanted to know if this could be disabled so that the user can only changed screen via my navigation icons/buttons

Thanks again

Can you please send me a link to your app?
I’ve never seen that on an Adalo app (and I made a lot of them)

@GJulien @Benalihoussam did you ever figure this out I am having the same issue

Are you having this problem in the adalo previewer or your native app? I know that in the previewer there are a few bugs that don’t transfer over into the native build such as:
“Back button scrolls user to the top of the page”

I am having the problem on my native app when I swipe across the screen it goes to the last page I was on instead of the next page over on the navigation.