Switch Component - Guide, Tutorial or Manual? How do we use it?

Is there a demo video, guide, tutorial or manual for the Switch Component? Is the author a member here?


I’ve used the switch component extensively in the app.
My way - At on/off of switch action I change the value of an input variable (I hide it somewhere in the page by decreasing its size to zero)
State ‘off’ value of var is ‘empty’
State ‘On’ value of var is ‘1’
And I take action as per this variable
Also in the previous screen to this screen where this component is used, I create a page action that update value of this variable to ‘empty’ so that I get switch ‘off’ when user reach that page

Hope it helps

Thanks, so you have found that it only works when you hide the variable holder on the page?

Hiding the input variable is hygiene. We would not like to confuse the user with this variable since it’s for our own need

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