Tabbed Menu: A Changed State or Visibility workaround?

I see that States feature is still in the idea box. I was wondering if anyone had success in using duplicate pages with different versions of the layout to mimic a ‘changed state’? Before I do the work of creating each tab as a page and then linking them together, I wanted to see if this was the easiest workaround…

My use case would be a tabbed menu that switches back and forth between content (filtering system but I don’t want the drop down). In the picture below, I want users to be able to jump back and forth between their posts, albums, and about page.

Otherwise, can it be done with conditional visibility and if that’s easier, how?

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I really don’t think it would be easier with conditional visibility, I haven’t tried it anyways. Creating duplicate pages so far has been very effective for me.

Do share your experience if successful using conditional visibility.


So far a ‘change visibility’ on conditions and filtering have been fine and I haven’t found the need to duplicate screens.

mind explaining how you arranged list? did you stack them on top of each other, how did it look if you did, or you arranged them one after the other. i tried both and the the view was some worth out of place