Tell me, please, how can I download a text post?

Hi! tell me, please, can the user download their posts? Let’s say a user has written several text posts and needs to download them to Word or Google docs. Is it possible?

Hi Vova. I recently had to do this. You can use the copy to clipboard component from the marketplace. Not necessarily a “download” but it would let users grab what they post and put it elsewhere easily right on the device.

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Hey, most SMTP email providers allow you to email an attachment that it can create through the API call. Like a .txt file or .pdf.

Rapid API have a lot of APIs also to convert Formatted Text or HTML to Simple .txt files. You then could convert this to any file type… using this API. Converter API Documentation (ayfie-ayfie-default) | RapidAPI

Out of the box, I think the Copy to Clipboard is the best option. Or read the custom actions help docs to get started with APIs and you then could use the SMTP option or RapidAPI option. Good luck

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