Can I create this sort of app?

Hi everyone, I would like to create an app that let every student from my school share their notes like Knowunity, so in this way everyone can access for notes and can also shares their notes. Thank you

Yes, you can

But I get stuck when a person upload a file and then how can I do that another persone press a button to download that file? i’m not figuring out how i possible, there is no option that a button can download a file stored in the database?

You need an external link.

Action > Link > Website

But how do I put the pdf file into a text? there is no option in the magic text

The Current Document data needs to be available on that screen or in a list. Then it is available in magic text.

Still stuck? Can you post some screenshots of what you have?

I’m developing an app where people publish their file pdf so then everyone can access to it and download it, i’m doing a page where people visualize that file and press a button that let people download it but it doesn’t appear anything

If Users have only one document then I presume it is stored via the User table. If so you need a list of users and then you can reference the file/pdf field.

If users can have many documents then you must have a table of documents. In which case you need a list of documents or list of users and a second screen or sublist showing documents.

In short, you don’t have the document field available. Fix that and you are on the right track.

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Thank u very much I solved the problem

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