Temporary Hold on Payment Processing with Stripe Connect or Stripe Payment


I’m wondering if I can set up payment processing via Stripe Connect to where there’s a temporary hold on a customer’s credit card when they place an order and the card isn’t charged until their order status changes to complete?

I don’t want customers to have to input their credit card info into Stripe Payment everytime they make an order. It should be automatic like in an Uber app. Is this possible with Stripe Connect or is there another way around this?

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Are there no community managers around to answer this question? I noticed that our questions go unanswered now. This is disappointing.

@dilon_perera Can you answer my question?

Hi @LaoEntrepreneur,

As far as I’m aware not possible with Stripe Connect. You can add this here : https://adalo.canny.io/
Maybe you could do this without the component and with the API? Not sure but you can give a try.
Stripe API reference – Create a payout – curl

I guess this should save after inputting first time? : Stripe: Card details, every time? - #2 by Flawless

Thank you


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