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Lets say that a merchant is no longer taking orders but forgets to switch his “open/closed” switch to closed. A customer then orders from that merchant and pays $20. With the Stripe Component, will that money instantly go through or does the merchant have to accept it? I don’t want this to be a problem in my app.

I’ve never used stripe before so I’m very curious.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hello how are you, at the time of passing the card data if the payment is correct stripe charges automatically, stripe also has the money reversal system, but in this case you will lose the commission for using stripe …

You should work with the button to open or close trade or that once the order is accepted there the customer can pay! That way you can save trouble.

In the order collection you put a true or false … and the stripe with visibility (accepted=True)

At the time of accepting you can send a notification or an email saying that the order was accepted and you can now make the payment! this way you are hiding stripe

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Wonderful. Thanks for the brilliant response bro! I had been thinking about that workaround regarding the stripe component being hidden a few weeks ago. Just wanted to see if there was another way. Genius bro thanks again!

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No problem! at orders! I’m always in the forum and I post tmb templates here! many successes in the project

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hello, this is interesting, but what if a person clicked on the payment and then changed his mind about complaining and our button has already been updated, how to avoid this? what can be done?

Hello, you should put return policies in your app, that has nothing to do with the development of adalo, you can find a way to pay once the order was accepted, after payment is something between the app and stripe … you can put return policies or however you like so that the customer knows that if he pays there is no refund or a percentage of the order is refunded etc etc … I always recommend that the customer see the price of the order on the checkout button + stripe commission cost

yes, I understand that, but I had another question, maybe you know how to send data via api, so that it would be accepted and updated by writing it to the database? — in my application, I generate an order in adalo and send it to the bank for payment, the payment window opens in the bank’s url, and when the person has paid and everything is successful, I can set the success page, and I would like to transfer the payment data to adalo…

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