Test Flight issue


Morning yall. hoping to get some help on this.
Trying to send my app to test flight but its showing " couldnt find bundle identifier" , already verified with apple and everything matches. not sure what the issues is. appreciate any advice.

quick random question: my app loads only on chrome but it takes a bit, doesnt even load the on safari / edge, not sure if anybody have similar issue.

Thank you

Hi @Los2022

Adalo has a guide on how to publish with Apple.

I recommend following that guide to the letter, to check that you actually followed all the correct steps.

If after reviewing the guide you find that you correctly followed all the steps, then open a ticket with Adalo support, and provide them with as many details as possible.

Thank you. Adalo got back to me. there is a platform wide issue connecting to testflight. waiting for that to be resolved.

appreciate the response though

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