Testing IAPHUB (quick question)

Can you test the IAPHUB Start component using the preview app in Adalo or does it have to be tested in TestFlight? I have entered all the API keys and I cannot seem to get it to even send me to paywall screen and I am starting to think it has to be tested in TestFlight or something.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated…

Hey @Lynk,

Proper tests are possible only in native builds.


Yeah that’s what it is. But it won’t connect to IAPHUB when I save it on my phone and or from the Adalo Preview App testing link. Does it have to be installed from the IOS store or on test flight to test and work?

@Lynk you need to test IAPHUB in a native build. You can test it in Testflight build (iOS) or Internal Testing Track (Playstore).

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