Is IAPHUB working properly?

Ciao a tutti!
I am trying to implement the new IAPHUB component for subscription management in my app (With Stripe I threw in the towel since it always gives error…).

I have correctly configured (at least I think so) following the guide provided by both IAPHUB and Adalo the component.
When I run the test on my device, the app remains stuck on the IAPHUB screen. In theory, since there are no active subscriptions, it should let me continue to the screen with the subscription proposals.

I have a doubt that the component doesn’t work at all as long as I don’t create the products (I put dummy IDs anyway) in the Apple and Android platforms…

Does anyone know is this actually the case?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ciao @Indave,

The components works, it has been tested on Android/iOS by multiple testers.
Please contact the IAPHUB support (, provide your app ID, and we’ll take a look at what could be your issue :slight_smile:

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Ciao @iaphub,
I wrote you directly from dasboard to see if I am doing something wrong, thank you :slight_smile:

Just an update regarding the issue of @Indave, he was able to fix his issue, his app was simply misconfigured.
If you’re having any issue, please make sure to follow our guide explaining how to configure your app step by step here. Otherwise if you cannot fix your issue our support is also available (


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I have just used the iApHub component and I have to say what a fantastically well thought out process in this NoCode era for a very complex part of any app such as Subscriptions, approved first time with both Apple and Google.

Well done iApHub and Adalo. Very easy to use and set up… and to see your monthly recurring in such a great dashboard, is very motivating indeed :raised_hands::raised_hands: Well done @iaphub @Adalo_CXTeam