Text input default value only numbers except if its logged in users

Hey, why are the default values only allowed to be numbers except if it is from a logged in user record and how can I change this so that the default value of a text input can also be text if it isnt from logged in users? I set a relationship to one of the properties in the database im trying to set a defualt value form to be in relation to users but not sure how to get it to be a text rather than a number value. it allows me to set a default value of any kind, including text, if it is from the logged in users record only.

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Hi @sami :wave:

That current data has to available in that screen. I mean you have to pass the data to the screen that the input has. So let’s say you have a list of restaurants and you have link it to the screen that the input located. Then you can add current restaurant name , location etc. ( Current restaurant data is available on that screen)


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okay got it thank you

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