Default value for a property that is essentially null in the database

I’m only dangerous when it comes to database knowledge, so forgive me if this question is a bit butchered.

I don’t see a direct way to do this in Adalo, and have searched this topic and did not find an answer…

Is there a method or workaround to display a default value for a property where a user has not entered data?

For instance, if I made a form input optional and the user opted to not fill it in, then the value for that property would be empty or null. What I’m hoping to do is display a default prompt as a placeholder of sorts rather than the value be empty. I essentially want to prompt the user with a simple text string in the place of that missing database value encouraging them to edit or update it.

Does that make sense? Has anyone had success doing something like this?

This is the way to do this.
First Option:

  1. Add another text input with a default value in a text input and position it where it cant be seen.

    name this like hidden default value

  2. On your actual form, when you set the default value, derive it from magic text > Form/Input and choose that hidden default value. See if it works :slight_smile:

Second Way:

  1. Auto create it with an automatic field. Populate the field with the string you want??? Then can edit it anyway later …
    Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 2.38.46 pm

Good luck!


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