Text Input (search) keeps wanting to auto fill

So I have a text input that I am using as a search field. I have other text inputs that are searches but this one in particular, once I delete the text to start a new search, it keeps wanting to autofill my email. I’m unable me to click out of the pop up until I choose an email… as if it’s logging me in. I have this text input marked as normal as well. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue? Any tips on how to fix this would be great!

Hi @Jacob_Lange :wave:

In the previewer or in Test flight?

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera,

This is happening in the live version of my app. I currently have it built as a web app… So what is happening, I guess, is that my computer is mistaking this text input for a login form. but it’s only happening after I delete the previous searched term to type in a new one.

Ive also double checks all of my other text inputs and strange enough it doesn’t happen there.

Did you set any default values?

I do not, Its also set to normal.

@dilon_perera I figured it out!!

This is my Home Screen, and I did not have it set to “first screen user see if they are logged in” as soon as I changed that over its no longer trying to auto fill my email into the input.

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Hmm great. :+1:

Happy to hear you have solved

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