Text is going off screen


I’m having a bit of difficulty with some text on my app. It works fine on iphone XR etc, but on iphone 8 and SE the textbox just goes off the screen.

It doesnt matter what width I put the box, or whether i click auto width, the text keeps running off screen on these devices. Does anyone know what might be going on?

Can you share a screenshot?

Under “Edit Styles” it sounds like you don’t have multi-line enabled.

2020-04-30 11_50_49-49-

Thanks for getting back, I’ve managed to sort it. The issue was that the text was displaying a dynamic value (a short bio of one of my users) but in the input when I was creating their account I added a line as a space between two paragraphs.

Once I made the bio one big paragraph in the database it sorted itself out.