Texts are moving too much?

Hey guys, I have an issue where when I put a text box under an image or with a link, it absolutely goes wild. For example:


When I submit my texts, the [Content] will sometimes overlap with the [Link] then the header is for some reason towards the [Image]. If I try to correct it, and I preview on a different device, it will reformat and go crazy again. Anyone know how to work around this? Literally the only issue I have right now.

Hey there @cutefatboy

Can you show some screenshots of how you have the screen set up?

And do you have visibility rules on any of the components?


(iPhone 11)
image (Google s20)

I don’t have visibility rules I believe.

Okay I figured it out. I just put an invisible box behind the texts and now the text “follows” within the boxes.

Add image → Make transparent → Grouped text and brought forth the text.

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Ok I didn’t figure anything out. The text boxes still pushes other components and texts up and out if there is too much writing :sob:

Anyone that reads this in the future and needs help.

Basically I just made it a “list” and it auto-configures on whichever device you’re using. This one actually works after many tests haha


Make sure that your “Title” text component isn’t overlapping the heading and icon.

Like this, you can see that the text ends where the icon begins:

Also, you can put an invisible rectangle below those but above the “Heading” text component to keep that in its place.

Like this:

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