Text is going over the list divider

I got the following list:

Currently the text is going over the grey line (list divider):

How can I avoid this, so that the text just pushes the grey line down if there’s more text? Or is this not possible with a list?

Hey Tom @Toms,

Usually it should push the divider down :slight_smile:
You might need to play with the alignment of elements. Try to make the divider to be located at the very bottom of the list and make sure it’s not touching any other element.

Also: is it a legacy app or new responsive app?


Hi Victor, thanks for letting me know. I’ll have another look. It’s the new responsive app. Does that matter?

Fixed it. The line was outside of the main rectangle of each listitem. Thanks @Victor !

Hi @Toms,

Great that you managed to fix that!

In new responsive apps searching for such issues could be a bit more complicated as you need to explore all the elements “tree” (if you put one rectangle inside the other).


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