Text on the header is not displayed

I have tried to have a text or Button (“Settings”) on the header as in


However, in “Preview”, it is not shown


I tried to “Bring to front”, but still it is not shown.

Your going to have to change the name of the Screen, The title/text on the app bar is a reflection of the Current Screen Name! Let me know if this works :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks, but I want to add another text (Button) which links to another screen, which is something different than the name of the first screen.

If you need a different menu structure there is a screen you can add called a “Left Nav” inside of the MISC category.

That’s where I usually go with my menu structure.

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Hi @asashour :wave:

In your text or button go to Edit Styles and make the fixed type to Top and try.

Thank you

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Thanks for your help. Yes, that works for Text.

But for Button, since it doesn’t have Edit Styles, putting it in a group and editing its style, makes it visible.

Great and Your Welcome.

Or You can group the app bar , text, and button and go to Edit Styles and make it as Top.

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