Texts underneath each slider pics...Is that posibble?

Is there a way to have texts describing what each pic in the slider is about? I’m trying to use the slider as a tool for onboarding to explain how my app works to my customers but I can’t seem to figure out a way to do it. I don’t see any tutorials on this matter. Thanks!

No, but a workaround would be to upload a picture with the text included, that way it is displayed with text under it

It is possible but quite complicated.

If you assign a value to each image record, then you can detect which image is being displayed, update an “invisible” input field to have that have as it’s default value then you could create a visibility rule for the text to be displayed if that value is equal to the associated image record value.

I sorta have an inkling what you’re talking about. Can you do a tutorial for this? That would be helpful. Thanks alot. My app is coming along and I’m almost done.

I inserted the texts inside the pic but it’s quite small and doesn’t look good. It would be better if I could have it on the bottom where it is legible.

This tutorial by @pfordmedia uses the same concept to display images. It may help you with his! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSn-ttUEMN0

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Thank you, sir! I’ll check it out.

What’s going on with my custom domain? I changed the DNS record several times and on Adalo it says it’s successful but when I go to my custom domain it says, “Not Found.” What gives? Also, I just created my landing page with Wix and pointed it to my Domain.com hosting site where I changed the DNS record, does that mean I’ll have to change the DNS record in Wix now as opposed to Domain.com?

Could you make a new topic for this just so we can separate these issues from one another.

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