The best way to source images

Hello everyone, what is please the best way to source images from? I assume it is better to link it either from a database or URL link (rather than upload it from my PC). But isn’t it going to be affected by internet connection (speed) if it’s from URL link? What do you think is the best way to get it always uploaded on time. Thanks!

Images uploaded to the Adalo database are automatically optimized when users view them in your app, so you would see a performance benefit from that.

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I have 50kb pngs uploaded to the adalo database that that has signficant loading times. Are there any other ways to improve load times? e.g scaling the pngs to a ratio that fit exactly the scale in adalo etc?


This post here: A very cool image tip! gives some very interesting ideas on how to reduce image size on rendering which speeds up things a lot.

In my case wherever I have an image showing I have added the optimisation parameters that imgix uses after the image magic text with the appropriate parameter for the size I need (2x the image size in Adalo to accomodate retina screens). So here I am showing a profile picture that’s 150px wide in Adalo:



Thanks for the tip will do this too.
Also thanks for the retina elaboration, that was very useful.


Thanks for the advice!

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