The data on my page wont transfer to the linked page

Any ideas on how to fix a data transfer issue. Example the button states the data is being transferred, but the data doesn’t show on the next page. Any ideas on how to tackle such an issue?

Check the other screen under “Available Data”.

Check the status of the data you need. If it’s missing, it will tell you from which screens the data is missing. It could be the case of a loop, or the data missing from a critical point.

So how these pages work. it starts at the home page with a main menu list on the home page. the home page have other functions, but none lead to the store besides the main menu. when i click on the main menu list it should transfer all the information to the next page and only show me stores in that main menu. it doesn’t it shows me all the stores, and doesn’t give the option to show only stores in that main menu list. which it should. the reason for this is because the data isnt being transferred from the the post page, and the store page. which are all attached to store list page, but only by the tab bar, and only transfer data in the sense that the other pages also have a tab bar that links to the store page. the other pages dont have store information, but the store list page still requires it from them?